Plain Folk Cafe gig June 15

RE-at the table-FB Pic

Looking forward to returning to the Plain Folk Cafe. Great food and hospitality, mixed with unbeatable house sound and stage make this a favorite of ours, as well as many other famous and world-renouned artists. We feel more famous just being here.

Getting out

keillorlaughsIt’s a lot of fun to see your hero. Though I’ve never really thought of Garrison Keillor as a hero, per se, after seeing him be on stage and in the audience for three hours on a chilly, misty night in Kettering, I have to say he does his work. Continue reading “Getting out”

Wonderful week in Wisconsin

Our first trip to Madison, Wisconsin has been a great week of Littlest Big Band music, culminating in a Raggedy Edge house concert, totaling eight shows over four days. The weather has been kind, coolish, and mostly sunny; the clean and foot-friendly downtowns of the various cities that make up the Madison complex have given good reason to gape and gawk unabashedly; and the wooded, natural areas help to bring us back to center. Continue reading “Wonderful week in Wisconsin”

We don’t do sad

Music is a gift we’re blessed to be able to share with many folks, and mostly we tend toward the upbeat and positive natured songs.

Many years ago, the mother of one of my friends listened to some of the songs I was playing then–mostly rock and roll tunes–but they all had downer lyrics. She asked me why all my songs were sad. Honestly, I hadn’t noticed because I was a guitar player and I didn’t listen to much else in the song. What? There are words? A bass player? Drums? Sheesh. Continue reading “We don’t do sad”

Day Tripping Augusta Kentucky Regatta


A day trip to Augusta, Kentucky brought us to that town’s Ohio River Regatta and a stage where our friends Mad River Railroad were playing music. We took the $5 ferry across the river this time, after having driven along the Kentucky route to get there. On the Ohio side, we stopped at a nice little restaurant where we may someday play our own music.

This time, lots of pics

We had a nice couple of days of musicality Friday and Saturday, starting with morning bluegrass jam Friday, then another jam with Silvergrass Band and others at BellHOP. Last night, the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Springfield (which convinced us of the need to add a couple of folding chairs to our traveling bag).


Double-neck guitar

JrBrown_July2017_Southgate House Revival

Had an inspired evening listening to Justin Wells last night, opening for Junior Brown, pictured above, a double-neck six-string/steel guitar, bass-voiced rockabilly country singer who was loud loud LOUD.

Saw them at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky, where we found a nice meal at a place called the York Street Cafe. We had smoked salmon with capers, onions, and sour cream, green beans, and tabouleh in miniature pita pockets, all washed down with a Rhinegeist porter made in Cincinnati, some hard cider, and water.

It was muggy and hot, and earlier in the day we’d replaced two faucets in our house, not a common thing for musicians to do, but with the help of YouTube, we made it through with no leaks to show as of yet.

We crossed the Ohio River at a place we’d never done so, the Taylor Southgate Bridge, after having made it to downtown Cincy by the Reds’ Paul Brown Stadium. Rush hour traffic was a bit of a bother going in, but nothing like it could have been had we been on 75. By ten, when we were leaving, the streets were nearly rolled up, with only one minor setback on the directions due to somebody needing a street named after him.

I feel I’ll be inspired by Wells’s writing, much in the vein of Foucault, but quite a bit louder and gruffer. Still it makes me want to re-examine a few roots, and where they don’t stand the test of scrutiny, to make up something. But we won’t be playing loudly. My ears will be ringing for some time, over top of the usual tinnitus I have grown accustomed to over the years.

And one more thing

We’ve selected five songs to put on our next EP, the Summer EP. We’ve them them quite a few times, even performed most of them a couple of times, so we look forward to putting some spit and polish on them.