Getting out

keillorlaughsIt’s a lot of fun to see your hero. Though I’ve never really thought of Garrison Keillor as a hero, per se, after seeing him be on stage and in the audience for three hours on a chilly, misty night in Kettering, I have to say he is someone to be admired greatly.

We weren’t close enough to get pictures that would mean anything, but he did walk to within maybe 30 feet of us at one point. We were on a blanket by the wall on the grass area of Fraze, a little too stiff, wet, and cold to get up try to make closer contact. But it was still something we’ll always remember, I think. The cold night (well, 55 degrees. Not freezing, but around 20 degrees from ideal.), the misty rain that for a few seconds seemed destined to be much more. The strangers who left us their seats and back rests when they had to leave an hour into the show. The three senior community shows we’d done earlier in the day. Maybe that’s why we didn’t feel like getting up off the cold ground.


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