Summer’s almost gone

Pic-08272017-003Thanks to the fixed-focus nature of my cell phone, this leaf-like creature is a little bit blurry. He (or she) was a visitor to the deck a couple days ago and didn’t mind visiting with us and showing off the ability to fly and stick his toes through shirt material. Soon it will be a bit cool for the likes of these things, as well as certain humans.

In the meantime, we’re preparing for a couple of final outdoor shows, one at The Greene with a full band behind us for most of the songs (some tunes we’ll do alone or as a duo or with djembe or bass), and one at Harmony Hill Vineyards as a duo. We think it will be reasonably warm on Sept. 29th and Oct. 7. We could be wrong. We shall see. Check out our Facebook page and come visit either or both shows. They’re free. Bring chairs, coats, and umbrellas to the Greene. And maybe a set of binoculars. Just for fun.


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Singer songwriter of indie pop folk rock sometimes experimental electronic trance shoegaze music. Don't be afraid.

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